How it Works:

The VinoStream is a 1965 Airstream, Caravel model. One size larger than the Bambi, the Carvel is a spacious 17 feet inside.

The back of the Airstream has been modified to hold five kegs.  Clients can choose from local Washington wineries and select between reds, whites and roses.  While the selection of local wines is impressive, many guest prefer a Northwest IPA or a hearty stout. We have many amazing Washington options to choose from and can help you select the right mix for your event.

Just send us an email and we'll get you on the calendar.  

The 1965 Airsteam is an American Classic.  This is the final year that Airstream used All-clad aluminum on the production line.  The all-clad allows the aluminum to be shined to a mirror like polish.  The All-Clad Airstream is an Icon of American engeniering.

The VinoSteam is easy.  Just block out the dates, select your kegs and we show up and do the rest.  You'll have a portable photo booth and full draft beverage system on demand.

Its so easy to book and customize the VinoStream to work for your event.  First, check the dates and email us. Second, select your type of event.  Finally, review the wine, beer and soda options and select the beverages best suited for your occasion.

Check out the Lounge Sound System

The Lounge is power by a 100,000 watt Marshall half stack.  Well okay maybe 85 watts, but it sounds amazing and it's bluetooth so you and your guests can play all of your favorite tunes.

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