Drafting:  Why wine and craft beer are better on Draft

This is the "Green" option for our generation.  Not only does wine stay fresher and longer with no oxidation, wine kegs reduce excess bottles, corks and labels from entering the landfill.  Wine kegs reduce excess waste and are the environmentally responsible way to consume.  You can feel great for doing your part for our planet by drinking a glass of wine.

If a standard restaurant uses three cases of wine a week

LESS WASTE, GREENER SOLUTION!!!No glass bottles, no corks, no labels, no foils or any additional packaging. Less to manufacture, less to ship, less to store, and no more trash. Wine on tap: saving our planet one glass at a time.

The all draft bar and lounge make it easy for guests to select their beverage of choice. On draft ensures the best quality for wine and beer.

First: It saves you money! Need we say more?
Wine kegs hold 25 bottles of wine.  Not only does wine on draft stay fresher, it's more economical.  Let's say you select the Alexandria Nicole Quarry Buttte; at $25 per bottle retail, two cases would cost you $625.  That same amazing wine now on draft costs $385!  That's a 38% discount.
Glass Pour:  Assuming a 5 ounce pour, you normally get 5 glasses of wine per bottle.  The Quarry Butte would be $5 a glass if you purchased by the bottle. With wine on draft that drops to $3 a glass.
Secondly:  Wine won't go bad or oxidize.  Every glass pour tastes the way the wine makers intended.  Your guest will experience the best Washington wines in their freshest state.
Third:  Feel good for doing your part to save the plant.
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